Some Gyms are ‘no-go zones’ for disabled people:

Comedian Rosie Jones has found that just one of the three gyms she tried to train at, for a Channel 4 consumer rights programme, offered adequate accessibility and/or facilities for disabled users.
Jones, who has cerebral palsy, was asked to investigate disabled access to gyms in the latest episode of Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back.
The programme, which has the tagline of “making complaining funny”, takes a somewhat lighthearted approach to highlight (the sometimes serious) shortcomings and dodgy practices of British businesses.
In the latest episode, broadcast on 17 April 2020 – but filmed prior to the COVID-19 outbreak – the show’s host Lycett sent Jones to test the accessibility of three popular high-street gyms: Fitness First, Gymbox and The Gym Group.
Only one of the three gyms passed the test with flying colours.
The other two sites Jones visited fell badly short. Issues uncovered by the comedian included lack of site access and facilities meant for disabled exercisers being used as storage space for cleaning equipment.
At one of the clubs, Jones was told by a member of staff that their “gyms aren’t designed for disabled people”.
To find out which operator came out top – and which claimed they don’t facilitate disabled users, click here to see the full clip of Jones’ experience.
The full episode will air on repeat on Channel 4 today (22 April) at 11pm. For more info, click here.