Sport For Confidence Fills all 40 Coaching Practice Placements

Sport For Confidence has filled all 40 Sport England funded Coaching Practice Placements (CPPs) with the final intake of participants completing their inductions this month.

Over the next six months, participants will embed themselves in the Sport for Confidence model across Essex working with a range of coaches and allied health professionals, enhancing their experience, understanding and skills in the delivery of inclusive sport.

“I am really excited by the Coaching Practice Placement as it provides an opportunity for me to better understand how I can connect my medical knowledge with my practical experience as a dance teacher”, says Louise Howitt, former Doctor, now dance teacher. “I work with people with physical and/or learning disabilities. Helping them become more physically active through dance can have huge benefits physically, mentally and in their everyday lives.”
Each participant will work through 4 modules from a selection of 7, with each module requiring 6 hours of practical application and 2 hours of self-directed study. Practical sessions will be supported by reflective practice ,conducted remotely by phone or Skype and by peer support sessions.

“We are excited to welcome our first cohort of CPP participants into the Sport For Confidence fold,” says Sport For Confidence Occupational Therapist, Sophie Garratt. “Each participant will now begin their tailored journey with us, learning how to integrate our unique and proven coaching practices into their own, creating new sporting opportunities to those who face barriers to participation.

“Some of the areas they will explore, in a practical setting, working alongside our sports coaches and AHPs include;  how to identify and eliminate barriers to participation, the impact of skill development on occupational performance across all aspects of life and how to embed person centred practice through collaborative goal setting. This is a truly unique opportunity, taking learning from the health sector and applying them in a physical activity setting.”

Sport For Confidence will be delivering the CPPs across Essex, utilising the social enterprise’s network of host leisure centres. All participants are expected to complete their placement by September 2020. Participants include personal trainers, football coaches, swimming teachers,  PE teachers, health care assistants and dance teachers.