Students to get free access to their own custom branded version of the Archon Combine Fitness Testing Platform.

Careers in Fitness Global has partnered with Archon Combine, to offer students free access to their own custom branded version of the Archon Combine Fitness Testing Platform.

Archon Combine is a free online platform for personal trainers to measure and track their client’s fitness levels across multiple disciplines, such as strength, power, agility, aerobic and anaerobic fitness. To make sure that all of the assessment criteria and techniques involved in the assessments on the platform match professional standards, they worked alongside NGB’s and industry specialists such as British Weightlfitng, British Rowing, Wattbike, Woodway, Darren Campbell MBE – Director of PAS Nutrition, and CIMSPA.

Charlotte Purvis, CEO at Careers In Fitness Global, says, “We are extremely selective about our qualifications and products that go onto the platform and when Katie Ford Deputy Director of Archon Combine called me, it seemed a perfect fit. I certainly had fitness testing on an app on my list of needs for the business for our students and our qualified trainers / coaches. This is fitness testing made easy.
You can measure, evaluate your clients, and improve performance by creating programmes around results.” Charlotte added, “For 25 years as a trainer myself, I used fitness testing as a selling tool for my clients. You show them the great results they have achieved from following a carefully devised individualised training plan, they are more than happy to pay for your services and keep coming back for more. For me Archon had gone one step further and ensured it was tailored to meet each individual clients needs, meaning if they were at a walk stage and not a run it works, also if they were a triathlete it works perfectly too. My students, qualified trainers will certainly benefit immensely from Archon Combine.”

Katie Ford Deputy Director of Archon Combine, says, “Careers in Fitness Global are moving fitness education into the digital age. We’re proud to be able to work with such a reputable organisation and give learners their first exposure to Archon Combine and support them throughout their journey in the fitness industry.

Are you a training provider? For more information on how you can offer a branded version of the Archon Combine platform to your students please contact Deputy Director of Archon Combine – Katie Ford. Email: