Supporting fitness professionals to help tackle eating disorders – A new CPD course

Eating disorders charity, Anorexia & Bulimia Care (ABC) has launched a new CPD accredited e-training course for the fitness sector.

In response to calls to the charity’s helpline, it became clear fitness professionals didn’t feel confident in approaching a gym user they felt concerned about.

The new e-course aims to change that and covers:

  • Eating disorders – UK facts & figures
  • Signs and symptoms to look out for
  • Insights into the psychological aspects of eating disorders
  • How to approach a client
  • Your duty of care
  • Adapting training programmes
  • Sources of expert support

The role of fitness professionals

The fitness industry has a very important role to play in helping to prevent the serious consequences of an eating disorder. While exercise is important for healthy living, it can become obsessional and research shows that 40-80% of anorexia nervosa patients are prone to excessive exercise.

This can be more than just counter-productive to improving fitness levels. It can be extremely dangerous, even fatal, with potential risks to the heart, bones and fertility. What’s more, research shows that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental health conditions, and although most common in younger females, increasingly they are affecting both men and women of all ages.

How to access the course
Course info:
Course duration and cost: 45-60 minutes / £39 per user licence

Partnerships & training enquiries
As part of ABC’s strategic approach to eating disorders, the charity is now seeking corporate partnerships across the fitness and leisure industry. To find out more email: or call 0117 973 0604.