The Best Heart Rate Monitor

1. Best For Everyday Health Tracking: Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit epitomises the change in fitness tracking from steps to heart rate, with all but one device in the brand’s current line-up including an optical heart rate monitor. All of Fitbit’s best features are linked to the HRM as well, taking the heart rate information it tracks around the clock and using it to provide easy-to-understand insights into your health and fitness.
In the partner app you can view your resting heart rate over time, which is a solid indication of whether you are getting fitter – you want that number to go down – and also your Cardio Fitness Score. This is Fitbit’s equivalent of a VO2 max measurement and another useful stat that shows your general cardiovascular fitness. In this case, you want the number to go up over time. The HRM also feeds into Fitbit’s sleep tracking, and for both your slumber and Cardio Fitness Score, your numbers are compared with those of other Fitbit users of your age and sex, so you can see how you stack up.
We’re recommending the Inspire HR because it’s the cheapest Fitbit with an HRM, and it’s great value at under £100. If you’re a committed exerciser, however, you’ll be better served by the Charge 3 (£129.99), which has a larger body and a thicker strap, and which we found tends to return more accurate readings when you’re working up a sweat.