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The Technogym Village is ready to host Giro D’Italia

The legendary Giro d’Italia – Italy’s most important cycling event, and one of the three most important in Europe along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España – is making a stop at the Technogym Village in Cesena, Technogym’s Wellness Campus. The Technogym Village has been chosen for the arrival of Stage 9 on Sunday 14 May 2023, the Savignano sul Rubicone-Cesena flat individual time trial.

It’s no coincidence that the Giro chose Technogym, the world-leading Italian company in the world of sports, already Official Supplier of the last 8 Olympic Games and recently chosen by Paris 2024, too. Technogym has also always been the reference partner for the professional athletic preparation of the main sports teams and champions from all over the world, including Rafael Nadal, Jannik Sinner, Juventus, Milan, Inter.

Technogym’s passion for cycling dates back to the 1990s: in 1995 the MG Boys Maglificio team was looking for a new sponsor and found it in Nerio Alessandri, who sensed the team’s potential and the feedback he could get to improve his products. This is how MG Boys-Technogym – one of the teams that has written the history of Italian cycling – was born. The team included champions of the calibre of Gianni Bugno, who completed a roster of 17 athletes formed by, among others, Davide Cassani, Alberto Elli, Maximilian Sciandri, Rolf Sorensen and Pascal Richard. MG Boys-Technogym achieved three victories in the Giro d’Italia and two in the Tour de France, which together with other victories in the great classics allowed the team to gain a second place in the team classification of the UCI Road World Cup.

n the mid-1990s, Technogym also developed Spintrainer – the first cyclosimulator of the fitness market – which went on to inspire the birth of numerous technologies for the cyclists’ training. Together with the bike from Race Line (the cardio equipment line produced from 1989), Spintrainer paved the way for a series of products for the precision training of cyclists, which, in over thirty years, have made Technogym’s dedication to the cycling world more than palpable.

The latest proposal goes by the name of Technogym Ride: the first smart bike that allows direct access – from its built-in 22’’ screen – to the most popular apps among cyclists. From the point of view of biomechanics, Technogym Ride is equipped with a real gearbox and offers an incredibly realistic pedalling feeling compared to outdoors, with a very fast reaction time (from 0 to 1,000 watts in half a second).

On 14 May, Technogym’s Wellness Campus will welcome more than 200 journalists (both Italian and international) who will follow the stage finish, around 200 guests of Technogym from all over Europe (including customers, athletic trainers and industry professionals), as well as guests of the other sponsors of the Giro d’Italia. All those present – in addition to witnessing the arrival of the Corsa Rosa first-hand – will have the opportunity to try out Technogym’s several innovations for the cycling world.

The morning will also include the arrival of Giro-E, the parallel experience to the traditional Giro, that allows enthusiasts to ride the same route as the champions on pedal-assisted electric racing bikes.

With the passage of the Corsa Rosa, the Wellness Foundation – the non-profit organisation created by Nerio Alessandri to turn Romagna into the world’s first wellness district – will also take the opportunity to foster the wellness culture and motivate the local community to exercise and stay active.

Technogym will in fact set up three different stands (at the start in Savignano sul Rubicone, in Piazza del Popolo in Cesena, and on Via Calcinaro close to the Technogym Village), where anyone who wants can book through the Technogym App to ride on Technogym Ride, to feel like a participant in the Giro.Thanks to the technology of Technogym Ride and BKOOL – an indoor cycling simulator – attendees will be able to take part in the Giro d’Italia Virtual and experience the most iconic and exciting stages of the Giro 2022 first-hand.

From the Giroland stage set up in the historic centre of Cesena on the occasion of the Giro passage, the Wellness Foundation will also promote the “Let’s Move… Kids!” activity with the aim of motivating children to get moving thanks to bike-based exercises.