Wattbike have proudly announced the rebrand of one of its latest products. Launched last year as the Wattbike ‘Icon’, this bike has now been renamed the Wattbike Nucleus.

With the latest innovations in technology, it delivers the most advanced feedback for a fully connected experience and introduces the all new Performance Touchscreen and product enhancements whilst retaining the essence of what made the Pro/Trainer the go-to indoor bike to improve performance.

Richard Baker, Wattbike CEO, comments: “When we launched two new products for the commercial market last year, we were made aware of a copyright issue with the ‘Icon’ in one country. We therefore made the decision to rename the product to ensure brand consistency internationally and to treat this as a positive opportunity to bring the portfolio of Wattbikes closer as a collective.”

Since January 2020, Wattbike has already sold over 1200 of the Wattbike Nucleus across the UK and internationally.