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The weight is over as award-winning gym lifts off in Leicester + press invite on 22nd September

Founded in 2017 by Princess Diana’s personal trainer Cameron Falloon, BFT specialises in progressive 50-minute functional strength, cardio, and conditioning-based classes across 13 different workout programmes, each designed to reduce fat and create lean muscle.


The state-of-the-art gym, which is the first of its kind in the UK, is being launched by Leicestershire locals, Brian Saund and James Kotak. “We’re so excited to be launching the UK’s first-ever BFT here in Leicester. This style of training offers something different to your regular gym or PT sessions, and we can’t wait to welcome new members in for a taster,” explained Brian, the co-owner of BFT Leicester. 


“We first became aware of BFT during a trip to Australia and were blown away by their innovative training methods, which not only produced incredible results but did so whilst staying fun and motivational for all participants. With our huge variety of workouts, there’ll be no plateaus and no chance of workout boredom creeping in.”


BFT’s group fitness offering is based on founder Cameron Falloon’s unique methodology and combines cardio with resistance programs to train different energy systems every session. The unique technology used in the gym includes a bespoke heart rate monitor system – ‘BFT³’, which allows members to track their progress and compare their performance to previous sessions, ensuring they are getting optimum results from each programme.


“We use science and technology to drive positive outcomes – at all fitness levels. And through our scientifically proven training techniques and highly accredited coaches, who will be by your side to motivate, educate and push you to achieve your goals, we aim to provide the perfect environment for the people of Leicester to work out,” explained James. 


“At BFT, we are all about creating a great community that pushes each other to be better every day. Our coaches develop great personal relationships with our clients and understand their goals. That way, we can provide constant motivation and encouragement to get them where they want to be.”


As well as owning BFT, Brian is also a wellness coach and mental health advocate. He expects BFT to impact more than just people’s physical fitness, “I’m a stage 4 cancer survivor and know all too well what happens when you neglect yourself. Now, my personal and professional focus in life is to develop myself and lift up those around me. So, the new BFT gym is a great tool to improve the mental health of the people of Leicester.” 


If you are interested in finding out more about BFT Leicester or would like to sign up for a taster session, please visit: or you can follow BFT Leicester on Facebook and Instagram.


The address for the new BFT Leicester studio is 127 Granby Street, Leicester LE1 6FD.