Treadmills vs Tinder: The elite guide to dating at the gym

Treadmills vs Tinder: The elite guide to dating at the gym


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In the spirit of ‘New Year, New You’, it’s a well-known fact that post-Christmas is one of the fitness industry’s busiest times of year. Following weeks of selection box and cheeseboard over indulgence, men and women across the country make New Year’s resolutions to swap the carbs for protein shakes and get fighting fit by joining the gym.

For regular gym goers, the sudden influx of new members is more of a nuisance than a novelty, but for singletons who are working hard to look their best in the hope of meeting the love of their life, January has the potential to turn your local sports centre or fitness studio into a veritable real-life version of Tinder. But, what are the rules when it comes to dating at the gym?

Two female fitness instructors from elite: Together have shared their thoughts on the pros and cons of dating at the gym and what it is that makes us attracted to our fellow gym bunnies.

“The gym environment does have a strange way of making people seem incredibly attractive,” said Rachel Leavis, gym manager at elite: Together Stockton.

“It seems that the days of running a mile if someone tries to talk to you when you’re sweaty and red faced from running on the treadmill are long gone and that looking your workout worst rather than your sweat-free best is key if you’re looking to pull that “hunk” or “beauty” you have been swooning at over the kettle bells.

“The benefit of talking to someone at the gym is that there is common ground straight away, so you can avoid the awkward first date-type questions about interests. Also, if they fancy you after a 45-minute gym session, then you definitely don’t have to worry about the first time they see you makeup free or with good old morning bed head.

“People try all sorts of tricks to get attention at the gym. My advice, for men and women alike firstly would be to refrain from lifting weights that are far too heavy for you, it doesn’t make you look macho, it just makes you look like you are going to combust at any second! Secondly, be cool, be calm and be confident. Have fun with what you’re doing and relax! If you just be yourself, people will be naturally drawn to you.”

Of course, for every pro, there is a con for dating someone from the gym, especially those who take their fitness regimes very seriously.

“Personal trainers are used to doing meal prep, so yes, we can cook, but if you don’t like chicken, vegetables and rice for dinner, it’s tough really!” said Vicki Wood, gym manager at elite: Together Leeds.

“People who are into their fitness, especially personal trainers won’t break their routines for a relationship so if you’re dating a gym bunny, you can kiss goodbye to Sunday morning lie-ins, binge eating tubs of Ben and Jerry’s and lazing around. We will force you to come to the gym with us and we will tell you what to do. We can’t help it!”

elite: Together operates six fitness studios across the North of England, specialising in body transformations and strength and fitness training. Unlike traditional gyms where members are left to their own devices, elite operates a range of class-based specialist programmes to help members to sweat and succeed together.

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