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UKFITNESS.PRO Fitness Professionals in Kent Among the Highest Paid in England, the nation’s largest community of personal trainers, has unveiled its annual report, shedding light on income disparities and gender pay gaps within the personal training industry across the United Kingdom.

Kent, UK – A groundbreaking analysis of 500 fitness professionals across 20 English counties, conducted by, the nation’s largest database of fitness professionals, has revealed a striking  revelation: Kent stands out as a lucrative hub for personal trainers.

The analysis uncovered a significant income displarity for personal trainers in Kent. Rates for fitness professionals in Kent are third highest among the counties analysed. On average, personal trainers charge £44 per session. Only fitness professionals in Hertfordshire (£51 per session on average) and Buckinghamshire (£47.50 per session on average) charge more.

According to, average UK hourly rates for other professions include £42 for doctors, £41 for driving instructors, £37 for solicitors, £31 for train and tram drivers, £28 for secondary school teachers, £24 for paramedics, £21 for vets.

Intriguingly, the study found that in the UK, users search for “female personal trainer” on Google over 10 times more frequently than they search for “male personal trainer.” This data reflects a clear market preference for female fitness professionals.

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