„We make the Gym work for everyone!“

Here comes ​VISION​! Our smart electric strength equipment now comes with a 15.6-inch monitor. The popular eGym training curve in Full-HD makes training even more fun. The VISION console offers a high-resolution training interface that transforms the training experience and drives motivation. It is accompanied by a brand-new look with a matte black finish, creating a striking, elegant design. Experience eGym VISION as well as our numerous further innovations at FIBO 2019.

The Open-Cloud platform ​eGym ONE​ now has a standard API, meaning that even more suppliers can connect their equipment to our eGym cloud. Once logged in via a RFID chip, you can enjoy an individually tailored and efficient work out on all connected partner machines! This includes big brands such as Precor, Pulse Fitness, Matrix, Life Fitness and Ergo-Fit. Accordingly, eGym is one step closer to achieving its goal: to provide a fully connected training floor that works for EVERYONE.

The world’s largest health club mobile App ​Netpulse​ is our smart tool to optimise touch points between gym and member. Used by over 10,000 health clubs around the world, Netpulse recently added LesMills content to the platform. “By combining our powerful, existing digital training tools with a convenient and excellent on-demand solution, clubs can really bridge the gap between the gym and home, improving engagement and retention whilst driving additional revenue opportunities”, says Alex Peacock, CEO of Netpulse.

eFle-xx​ is the world’s first digitalised mobility training circuit which combines a smart, cloud-based setup that enables users to maximise the effect of any given muscular stretch. It is fully connected and seamlessly integrates into the eGym ONE training solution. Users feel relief from pain or discomfort immediately, meaning this instant analgesic effect creates a long-term user loyalty. In the past, eFle-xx has not been available in the UK, but the unique mobility equipment range will be officially launched in 2019.

The new features of our ​eGym Trainer App​ further improve your member experience, leading to a higher customer loyalty. Your customer journey will benefit from optimised touch points between trainer and member which will then take your service model to the next level. Furthermore, the extremely popular Bio Age will be integrated into the eGym Trainer App.

Comment from Christin Goerlach, DACH Country Director

It is our mission to make your facility more successful on every level. Therefore, we aim to connect all suppliers from the training floor – strength, cardio, mobility or others – to our open eGym Cloud. Accordingly, working out successfully becomes easier and more predictable for everyone. We need to make sure that members achieve their goals and have fun whilst doing so. Eventually, these drivers lead to a higher motivation and a higher retention rate. This is why we have developed our smart equipment as well as our apps for trainers and members.

Learn more about the new eGym innovations and try out all products at FIBO, hall 7, stand C49.


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