Where there’s a will there’s a way

Whether it’s working up a grim sweat on a treadmill or simply idly browsing Instagram while sitting on a bench someone else wants to use, visiting the gym is an activity endured enjoyed by millions worldwide.

If you are among those missing your fix of erratic showers and inexplicably loud commercial radio these will be cheering pictures, from California.

The Redondo Beach Fitness centre, just south of Los Angeles, has found a way to re-open and comply with social distancing rules.

Its method is simple: private isolation chambers, made from poles and plastic sheeting. And they say American manufacturing is dead.

This will be great news for malevolent personal trainers who now have an extra motivational tactic in their arsenal. “One hundred reps in 60 seconds or I’m locking you in and throwing away the key!”

Unfortunately for them another angle reveals the workout spaces to be more open than they appeared at first glance: